Strategy 1 (Melee: Prayer + antifire)Edit

Items to bring:

Try to keep the ratio of Prayer potions to antifire potions to 2:1.

If fighting them in Brimhaven Dungeon:

  • 875 coins or Karamja Gloves 3 for free entry (you don't have to bring the gloves)

Skills Needed:

Strategy: Player turns on protect from melee, wields antidragon/dragonfire shield and drinks antifire potion. This makes the player immune to the dragon's firebreath attack and reduces any other damage by 50%. When prayer is low, players drink a prayer potion. When the message "resistance to dragonfire is about to run out" is received, the player drinks another dose of antifire.

Tip: If the dragon is low on health, but you don't want to waste prayer, use a hit and run strategy to kill it off.

Strategy 2 (Magic)Edit

Items to bring:

  • Magic runes (air and/or water runes for water spells; none if using polypore staff)
  • Magic staff or wand - Polypore staff, Mystic water staff or Abyssal wand recommended.
  • Magic armour - Ahrim's, mystic or Dagon'hai recommended, full slayer helm or hexcrest if on a Slayer task.
  • 2-3 Sharks
  • 3-4 Antifire/super-antifire potions, more if you're looking to stay a while.
    • If you cannot use super anti-fire potions, it is not recommended to wield a staff.
  • Antidragon shield or tome of frost.
    • These can only be used if not using a staff; if
  • Emergency teleport (not recommended if you have 80 Dungeoneering)
  • Arcane necklace (pulse, blast, or stream) from Dungeoneering (for higher hits and faster kills)
  • Possibly a vecna skull for faster kills, and on a long range a bit less loss.
  • 2 BoB pouches if you make a mistake.

If fighting them in Brimhaven Dungeon:

  • 875 coins or Karamja Gloves 3 for free entry (you don't have to bring the gloves).

Skills needed:

Action bar set-up:

  1. Wrack (B)
  2. Impact (B)
  3. Combust (B)
  4. Chain (B)
  5. Asphyxiate (T)
  6. Wild Magic (T)
  7. Metamorphosis (U)
  8. Tsunami (U)
  9. blank
  10. Food
  11. blank
  12. Super anti-fire/antifire potion

Strategy: You need to equip your anti-dragon shield/dragonfire shield. Drink your magic potion and your antifire potion, and stand at least one step away from the dragon. Turn auto-retaliate on and start to attack the steel dragon. Drink your potions when needed.

If at Ghorrock fortress, go slightly north from the west entrance. Players will find a useful safespot from which they can alternate between two dragons.

Use the abilities as fast as they recharge. Wrack's recharge time makes it possible to use that between other abilities, i.e. Wrack, Impact, Wrack, Combust, for fast adrenaline-building. If you have 50%-75% adrenaline and the dragon is almost dead, use a threshold ability. If you're at or near 100%, continue using basic abilities and auto-attacks, and switch to your next target without picking up any drops in order to start combat with an ultimate ability, preferably the water-type Tsunami ability.

Strategy 3 (Ranging: No Prayer)Edit

Take more antifires than usual. Items to bring:

If fighting them in Brimhaven Dungeon:

  • 875 coins or Karamja Gloves 3 for free entry (you don't have to bring the gloves)

Skill requirements:

  • 70+ ranging

Strategy: See Strategy 2!

To save more on your antifires, don't drink when your chatbox says it going to run out. Wait after 9 attacks have been done by the dragon, and then drink the antifire potion. (unless of course you are using super antifires)

Useful for hunting Steel dragonsEdit

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